Youth Plus Club

MHCO Mascot Biography

MHCO Mascot

Registered name:

"Ambassador for the Petite Elite"

(name courtesy of Devon Glodziak who won the 
"Name the MHCO mascot" contest in 2007)

DOB: 2003

(year that he was donated to the MHCO 
by former member Mary Forrester)

(Picture courtesy of Doug Savage)


MHCO Youth Plus Club

The MHCO hosts fun events open to its Youths such as the annual MHCO Fuzzy show, clinics, shows *, meetings and more!

*MHCO Club Point Shows (at least 3 each year) have many classes that are specifically for Youths - YOUTH CLASSES ARE FREE!

**See the Calendar of Events page for other upcoming events!**

 If you have any questions about the MHCO Youth Club please contact us at



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