MHCO Shows

The MHCO hosts three types of shows: MHCO Club Point Shows, Registry Sanctioned Shows (AMHA or AMHR) & the MHCO Fuzzy Show. 

Current Registration papers are required to be presented to the appropriate MHCO Show Secretary at time of entry registration for all shows (with the exception of the MHCO Fuzzy Show). 

Please see Guidelines for Organizing for Shows on our website Downloads page for more information on these types of shows and how to prepare your show paperwork.


The MHCO recognizes two height divisions for the MHCO Club Point Shows: Division A: Horses 34" and under as well as Division B: Horses over 34" but not over 38" when measured at the withers.

MHCO Club Point Shows are open to both A and B Division horses that are registered with ANY recognized Miniature Horse registry: AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association), AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry), WCMHR (World Class Miniature Horse Registry, FMHA (Falabella Miniature Horse Association) and Gold Seal. 

MHCO Club Point Shows offer classes for both A and B Division horses which are broken down by these height divisions.  Points earned at MHCO Club Point Shows are tabulated on a yearly basis and recognized at the Annual MHCO Year End Banquet as well as in its perpetual MHCO Honour Roll Program.  

The MHCO hosts Registry Sanctioned shows - these shows are run under either the AMHA or the AMHR show rules and are for AMHA registered (34" & Under) horses or AMHR registered (38" & Under) horses only respectively.  Points earned at the Registry Sanctioned Shows accumulate on the horse's permanent show record with the appropriate Registry. 


The MHCO hosts its annual MHCO Fuzzy Show in the spring.  This show is open to all Miniature horses (including non-registered).  This is a fun, relaxed show that is the only show offered by the MHCO that does not require the usual registration paperwork.


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