MHCO Club Point Shows

MHCO Club Point Shows are open to ALL Registered Miniature Horses of both A & B Divisions:  AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association), AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry), WCMHR (World Class Miniature Horse Registry), FMHA (Falabella Miniature Horse Association) and Gold Seal.

Non-members are welcome at all MHCO Club Point Shows, but only MHCO members are eligible for point earnings for year-end awards and perpetual awards (e.g. MHCO Honour Roll Program).

For a complete list of MHCO Club Point Show Rules & other forms related to showing, please click on the drop down menu “Show Forms” below. It is highly recommended that all exhibitors read and familiarize themselves with the MHCO Club Point Show Rules.   

MHCO Club Point Show Year End Points are awarded as follows:

1st Place – 6 Points  •  2nd Place – 5 Points

3rd Place – 4 Points  •  4th Place – 3 Points

5th Place – 2 Points  •  6th Place – 1 Point

Reserve Champion –  1 Point  

Grand Champion – 2 Points

  Supreme – 3 Points

Organizing Yourself for Miniature Horse Shows

Entry fees for MHCO Club Point Shows:

  • All exhibitors must pay $5 MHCO Administration Fee per horse
  • Junior, Youth and COOL classes are free
  • All other classes are $5 each
  • Please note that some of the fairs charge general admission costs (e.g. Fair Memberships) as well.

Anne Savage

MHCO Point Show Contact & Secretary, AMHR Sanctioned Show Manager Miniature Horse Club of Ontario
8 Browlee Drive Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2A4 Phone: (905) 778-8880
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