Updated info on Ring location on Fairgrounds for Collingwood MHCO Show



Hello MHCO Members,

Since the last email we sent out , we would like to inform you of some new changes to the location of the upcoming MHCO show being held at the Collingwood Fairgrounds (GNE - Great Northern Exhibition).

We have received the following email from Collingwood representative:

"Hi everyone,
Since your visit last Thurs. the weather has made a big difference.  Now we want the exhibitors to come in the usual gate ( no.3)  then turn left and park along fence next to pavilion.  Horses may be tied in the pavilion.  May be good to be in the shade.  I am not sure where we will show.  They put too much mulch to make it a good show surface.  We will be on the grass beyond the mulch and I will have it marked out Sat. afternoon.  



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