New Ring location on Fairgrounds for Collingwood MHCO Show



Hello MHCO Members,

We would like to inform you of some changes to the location of the upcoming MHCO show being held at the Collingwood Fairgrounds (GNE - Great Northern Exhibition).

We have received the following email from Collingwood representative:

"You are to come in the gate that goes into the buildings, #3 we call
it, and park to the left along the pavilion and to the west of it, in
nice neat rows except for the wash rack area.  you can tie your horses
inside out of the sun, or out of the rain whichever is the situation
that day, I do hope sun.The show ring will run along the pavilion to
the north, 60ft wide and l20 ft long on a thick coating of mulch,
courtesy of Simcoe County.  you might even use the trailers inside the
pavilion, altho would be nice for people to walk down the centre and
look at your horses.   Maureen McLeod. Pres GNE"

In my opinion, it sounds like it will be a nice set up with a larger ring with better parking.   I trust our exhibitors will be understanding of the current situation (pavilion under construction, grounds around it need to be kept off limits, parking close to maximize space, etc) and respectful of the Society's wishes as Collingwood Ag Society looks to be making some excellent progress in improving their facilities for the future.    

Cheers, Carolyn Aarup, MHCO Acting VP, Promotions Coordinator  



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