MHCO Year End Awards

MHCO Year End Trophies and awards are handed out to those members who have accumulated the most points at our MHCO Club Points Shows or have been nominated by a group of their peers for their contributions to the Club, its members and the promotion of the Miniature Horse in Ontario.

These awards are handed out every year at our Annual year end banquet.

Perpetual Trophies

High Point Youth Handler

David  Murray & Wade Simmons Memorial Award


David with Bill Wells & MayDavid Murray

This a picture of our oldest son David John Murray driving his pony May in the Palmerston Fall Fair parade. David is on the right in the cowboy hat. David was hit & killed by a speeding motorist on May 22, 1972 in Drayton, Ontario. David was 11 at the time. He was riding his bicycle when struck & back then no one had heard of helmets.


Wade SimmonsWade Simmons

This is a picture of our grandson Wade Simmons. Wade loved to play with our horses & loved to train & show them as well. He was most proud of his trophy for Youth Showmanship which he won at the Orangeville fair show. Wade drowned on his Grade 7 school trip to Tobermory & Flower Pot Island when the boat THE TRUE NORTH TWO sank in Georgian Bay.Wade & one other student were drowned on June 16, 2000. Wade is the son of Debbie & Ron Simmons of Tiverton.

High Point Youth Driver

Betty Hale Memorial Trophy

Betty Hale

Betty Hale

Feb 13, 1937 – July 9, 2007

Betty Hale, Grandmother to Laurie Green of Hale Farms Miniature Horses, battled diabetes for many years – which cost her both legs. Betty passed peacefully at Fosterbrooke Long Term Care Facility in Newcastle at the age of 70.

Through Betty’s encouragement and mentoring she crafted a strong granddaughter that has continued to excel in breeding, and showing the Miniature Horse. It is with the memory of Betty’s love that Laurie continues to show.

Betty was a kindhearted, loving, giving, hardworking and strong willed woman. Betty always loved horses and children, to the point she always had to see kids getting something when coming out of the show ring.

The Youth Driving award is in Betty’s name for this reason. Thank you to our longtime friend Heather Pratt for donating this trophy in Betty’s name.

Betty will never be forgotten, as not a day goes by where she is not in our thoughts.

High Point Adult Driver

Original Trophy sponsored by Savagemoor Farm

This trophy is to go to the horse and driver with the most MHCO club points in either A or B division. The classes points for this trophy is as followed: Open pleasure driving – Working, Open pleasure driving- Reinsmanship, Obstacle driving.

High Point Performance Horse

BVF Princes Royal Diablo Memorial Award

Diablo pic from Mary McKibbon

BVF Princes Royal Diablo

April 26, 1996 – October 18, 2005

Diablo was bred and raised on Mary McKibbon’s farm and was the son of Gypsy and Prince of Big Valley Farms Miniature Horses. He excelled in the show ring in the performance classes where he won many awards for driving, hunter, jumping, obstacle, liberty and costume. The following was written by Dr. Michelle Courtemanche, DVM, who trained him in driving, obstacle and jumping. Many thanks for all she did for him.

Diablo showed for many years but truly found his calling when he star

Diablo was the first and only gelding Mary ever owned and besides doing well in the show ring, he had his own special job of keeping her Junior Stallion company in his paddock. He was a permanent resident on her farm due to his versatility and mischievous personality. Over 3 years of competition Diablo excelled in the discipline and was rarely defeated in the pleasure driving classes. He earned top honours as AMHR Canadian All Star Pleasure Driving Champion in 2003 and 2004.

Diablo is greatly missed by all who knew him.

High Point Halter Horse

Original Trophy sponsored by Sunfire Miniatures

This trophy is to go to the horse and driver with the most MHCO club points in either A or B division. The classes points for this trophy is as followed: Open pleasure driving – Working, Open pleasure driving- Reinsmanship, Obstacle driving.

Horsemanship Trophy

Original Trophy sponsored by

Katherine Wilcox of Jake Circle K Stables

To promote an interest in horses and horsemanship, to have a particular skill in, or the art of managing, training or taking care of horses.

Sportsmanship Trophy

Original Trophy sponsored by

Carolyn Aarup of Dakota Winds Farm

To enjoy Miniature horses, to promote understanding, knowledge and proper care of horses to fellow MHCO members and/or exhibitors. Skill in/fondness for the MHCO, a person who can take loss or defeat without complaint, or victory without gloating and who treats his fellow exhibitors with fairness, generosity and courtesy, is respectful of rules and decisions of officials, gives maximum effort.

Fellowship Trophy

Original Trophy sponsored by

Debbie & Heather Scriven of Moonshadow Minis

To promote and enjoy good fellowship among horse lovers. Companionship, friendly association with others, mutual sharing as of experience and activity, a group of people with the same interest, to work towards a common goal.

MHCO Honour Roll

The MHCO Honour Roll Program is a perpetual show point program started in 2013 which recognizes and gives lifetime MHCO Club Show Points to MHCO member horses that show on the MHCO Club Point Show circuit.

They are awarded annually at the MHCO Spring General Meeting.

For more information on the MHCO Honour Roll Program, including points breakdown, please see the MHCO Club Show Rules & Regulations listed on the Downloads page of this website.

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