MHCO logo Merchandise - available to purchase - order now for delivery at the Fall General Meeting


Hello MHCO Members,    

We would like to announce that MHCO Director Cathy Fisher has taken over the position of MHCO Merchandise Coordinator.  We want to thank former Director Raquel Dowsling for her hard work and dedication to this position in the past.  

Cathy has some exciting new ideas to help promote the MHCO Merchandise and will be discussing this at the Fall General Meeting.  She also plans to have a unique display at the meeting to showcase the MHCO Logo Merchandise. 

So if you have someone on your list that is hard to buy for or maybe you want to give yourself a little treat, now is the chance to buy one of the MHCO logo items we have available. 

Bumper Stickers, Ball caps, Travel Mugs, Windbreakers, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts  - all are available for purchase at the upcoming Annual MHCO Fall General Meeting (October 29, 2017).

If you are not attending the Fall meeting but still want to get something, you can still order online! 

All MHCO Merchandise is shown under the MHCO site's link http://mhco.ca/mhco-merchandise/

Please contact Cathy Fisher at mhco@mhco.ca or flaggirl1956@hotmail.com






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