New AMHA Director & Hardshipping horses into AMHA 

Hello MHCO members,  

WELCOME DEBBIE ROGERS! The MHCO is excited to announce the new AMHA Director for Region 11 Eastern Canada is Debbie Rogers and we would like to welcome her into this new role.    In addition to being open to feedback/suggestions, Debbie has let us know that she will be available, with Gene Baynham (the official measurer) who is the former AMHA Director for Region 11 Eastern Canada, for measuring to facilitate the process of Hardshipping horses into AMHA on Saturday, May 19 2018 held at the Browns Ranch in Ingersoll Ontario.  

HOW TO HARDSHIP If you are thinking of Hardshipping one of your AMHR horses into the AMHA, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!  It will give you time now to get your paperwork processed and back in time so you can show this same horse at the AMHA Sanctioned Show hosted by the MHCO (currently planned for Saturday July 28, 2018 - for more details on this show, please see the MHCO site Calendar of Events page www.mhco.ca ).   To make this Hardshipping process easier, we have attached all the forms you may need to begin the Hardship process:

2016 AMHA Hardship Rules from AMHA Head Office

Pgs 62-65 from 2018 AMHA Official Rulebook re: Hardshipping

AMHA Customer Work Order

AMHA Membership Application

AMHA Photo Submission form

AMHA Hardship Form

Please read the Rules and note that these forms must be completed, sent into AMHA and approved PRIOR to the final Hardshipping step of measuring your horse in May.   

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Debbie and she would be happy to help you in any way she can.  Please see her enthusiastic message to us below which provides her contact information:  


Message from Debbie Rogers: "I am so excited I have just been informed that I have been chosen to represent the AMHA as Director for region 11 Eastern Canada. This is such an honour and I will put forward 100% effort in making Eastern Canada proud. Please contact me if you need any help in any way my door is always open. I will be at the Browns show in May 2018 and look forward to meeting everyone.
 Phone 1 613 392 1250
 Cell 1 613 243 7214 or On Facebook Messenger
A note about Hardshipping: Hardshipping is between the owner of the horse and AMHA (Pamela Pruitt) AMHA sets it up, sends out the required forms and gets approval from the show the horse owner would like to attend. If the show approves, then there needs to be an AMHA judge at the show I believe, and the licensed official to measure needs to be asked if they can attend. Compensation for the licensed official is a small fee at the show for putting the stick on and seeing the hairs pulled for DNA (stallions and mares only need DNA sampling) and taking pictures of the horse. No more than $25.00. Should the official be required to travel great distance or require accommodation, the horse owner will be required to take care of the cost.   Please read your AMHA rule book as that will also explain how AMHA sets out the process.
I am looking for information from you or the MHCO about what kind of things  members/ club would  like me to take back to the board AMHA  when local clubs are discussed.


So let's get started on this process of Hardshipping your horses so they can be AMHA registered and you can have another show at which to come out and have fun with your fellow Miniature Horse friends!!  

Thank you,

Carolyn Aarup, MHCO Acting VP On behalf of the MHCO Board


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