Therapy Mini Needed!

Therapy Minis needed!

MHCO received the following information:

Wee Whinnies Therapy Horses (U.S. Group) Wee Whinnies Therapeutic Minis is looking for a miniature horse breeder in the Peterborough, Ontario area who may make a visit to a long term care home close to there.

If MHCO has a member in that area, possibly they could get in touch with Cassandra Wilson thru Facebook and find out if they could make a visit to a gentleman resident who is having his 100th birthday and would love to see a little horse.
Here is some additional info:
Please help us find someone in Ontario Canada that could make her wish come true!  PLEASE help by asking around and sharing this post, thank-you!
“Hi guys!¬† I wish you were closer I’m searching for a place who does this work in Ontario, Canada. Any help would be much appreciated! I really want to have therapy minis go for a visit to my Poppas LTC facility, he will be 100 on Feb 3rd. Many of my Poppas memories are based around horses, he talks about them A LOT. Many of the residents do. It would be soon nice to see them interact with minis. This is my dream and wish for him.”
— with Cassandra Wilson.
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