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1. "How to Clip a Miniature Horse" - DVD by Brooke The Clipper Girl ** (see biography below)

For all current MHCO members, Brooke Sheridan (aka "Brooke the Clipper Girl" from Florida) has agreed to give MHCO Members a $10 discount on her instructional clipping DVD, "How to Clip a Miniature Horse." This discount is taken from the shipping costs listed on her website.

When a member of the MHCO sends her an email to, Brooke will invoice them to pay her directly with a credit card online through pay pal at the total price of $46.90 USD for the DVD and shipping costs. The regular rate for this DVD through her website is $39.95 + $16.95 shipping costs = $56.90 USD. Brooke has advised us that MHCO members cannot order through her website to receive this special offer - MHCO Members MUST order directly from her via her email (if members order through her website, they will pay full price and there is no way she can change it).

Please note that Brooke has advised us that shipping to Canada sometimes takes 10-15 business days from her past experience, so MHCO members must be patient. She does ship orders within 24 hours of receipt, as long as it is a business day where her post office is open.

**A bit about Brooke from her website ... "Brooke Sheridan is the "Go-To" girl for many of the country's most well-known farms for their horses' body clipping, show prep, and photo shoot needs. Clipping and preparing national and international champions at the most prestigious shows, including the AMHA Worlds and AMHR Nationals, more than 100 horses per show will be prepared to the exacting standards of some of the country's finest trainers and most discriminating owners. Brooke services clients both nationionwide and internationally. Due to popular demand she books almost a year in advance, so please contact her early for any potential openings." For more information on Brooke, please visit her website:

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