AMHA Hardship requirements at shows

Measuring and Inspection for Hardship will be available at the Regional Shows and World show but are also being offered at sanctioned shows by arrangement with the Show Manager.

You need a Measurer who is a current or former director who has a current measuring card.

You also need a judge who is willing to be the Inspector and who is at arm’s length to the owner of the horse. The Inspector would witness the measuring, perform an inspection of the horse according to AMHA standards and complete the AMHA form. They would also pull the hair or witness the owner pulling the hair for DNA testing and forward the DNA package directly to the lab. The final form would be signed by the Measurer, the Inspector, and the Owner (or agent) and sent by the Inspector to the AMHA office along with 4 photos of the horse taken by the Inspector at the time of inspection.

The horse must be 5 years old & older or 2 & under if the horse is the progeny of a horse that has been hardshipped.

You can not just turn up at a show to get measured & inspected. A date & time has to be arranged with the show manager at least 2 weeks before the show to make sure we have the necessary officials to do the paperwork.

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